Hors d’oeuvres, Appetizers

Dazzal’em with Bilng & De’cor’ – Impress your guest with food impressions and memories of your good taste. Customize your own unique menu using this guide. Together we can personalize a menu with the signature of your approval. All Hors d’oeuvres & appetizers can be served white glove butler passing, elegant buffet stations, seated or progressive style. Hot entre’e with Hors d’oeuvres as the side dishes.

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Chilled Jumbo Shrimp elegant display with cocktail sauce.
Bruschetta Ciabatta (four new different topping)triangle cut.
Signature Deviled Ecstasy eggs platter.
Cowboy caviar (served and displayed in a cowboy hat).
Large Pacific Rim Scallops (olive oil grilled).
Smoked Salmon with herb dill cheese spread (garnished with black and green olives).
Assorted gourmet canopies. Salmon dill sauce chedar & port wine on toast points – Salmon mousse on rosettes – Turkey & cheese on rye – Tuna mousse in puffs – Ham & cheese pinwheel – Genoa salami cornets – Beef with horseradish spread on marble rye cocktail rounds.

Spreads and Pate’:
Smoked Salmon – Lobster supreme – Chunk chicken salad – Crab liver ham vegetable garlic herb cheese spread – All served with assorted French crackers, melba rounds, cocktail mini rye.

Fresh cut seasonal assortment – cascading riser display – kabob style – combination fruit & cheese – watermelon sculptures – signature logo carvings. Ice carving display with fruit garnishing.

Fresh cut seasonal assortment – vegetables & cheese sticks, cubes, combination displays – flame olive oil roasted vegetables – pickled and relish combination assortment displays.

Side Presentation Bowls – Trays – Baskets – Platters:
Herring with edible purple cabbage & greens served over iced display – Italian ham prosciutto – Pineapple ham & cheese kabob tree – Imported & domestic cheese spreads, sticks, blocks, cubes,logs combinations. Served with assorted French crackers, melba rounds & cocktail mini rye.

Chicken Dijon pastry puff – Mini corn beef Reuben’s – Wraps (bite size) – Mini croissants – Petites (cross cut pastry) – Vienna, Portuguese, artisan garlic cheese flat breads & rolls. Stuffed with turkey, ham, crab, chicken, ham salad – Includes greens, cheese, spreads. One -choice or combination platters.

Cole slaw dumpling – Potato salad – Italian vegetable pasta – Chicken wild rice pineapple cashew – Oriental Mandarin orange grilled chicken organic 5-leaf tossed greens (nuts optional) – Caesar (Ecstasy style) – Mexican, Greek, Oriental, Mediterranean, Tuscany Culture salads.

Dips and Sauces:
Honey Mustard – Italian – Caesar – Horseradish – Creamy ranch – Yogurt – BBQ – Chiptole – Plumsauce – Sweet & sour pineapple – Ginger – Oriental peanut – enchilada sauce – Gourmet mayonnaisa – Zesty orange – Herb garlic cheese.

Baked parmesan chips – Pretzels – Assorted nuts – Chex mix – Tortilla chips – Gardetto garlic chips – Trail mix – Happy hour.

The finale to a perfect Horsd’oeurves party. An elegant assortment of desserts on risers & stands. Mini cheesecakes in (edible chocolate & almond cups) topped with a variety of delicious charmers. Bar asortments (cut bite size) petit fours. Mini cakes. Dipped strawberries chocolate & almond. Ask about Ecstasy flair that can be added to your dipped berry display.

Desserts & Fruit:
Fresh blue berries, raspberries orange juice glaze served over mini double chocolate cakes – Fresh cut seasonal fruit cascading, riser displays – Watermelon sculptures – Signature logo carvings. Ice carving, pared with elegant assortment of dessert on risers & stands. Mini cheesecakes in edible chocolate & almond cups topped with a variety of delicious charmers. Bar assortments cut bite size petits – Petit fours – Mini cakes – dipped strawberries chocolate & almond.

Dessert Socials:
Wine / Champagne paring desserts – Chocolates, Caramel, Almond triangle bars. Liqueur cre’mes & ice cremes. Flaming Cherries Jubilee served over pudding or ice cream.

Dessert Buffet:
Dress your desserts with your guest’s taste. An elegant assortment of dessert bars toppings include Chocolates, Caramel, Almond, Strawberry syrups. Bowls of fresh (in season) fruit toppings, whipped creams. Cherries and nuts.

Coffees, flavored creams, espresso blends available – hot spiced apple cider – teas – Coke & Pepsi products – health drinks – lemonade – iced tea – hot herbal – punch – milk. Mock tail (non-alcoholic) – Sherbert Breeze – Hawaiian Splash – Tropical Tango – Strawberry Wave.

Dessert Menu: can be priced per group count or number of menu items selected. Pricing range from $.95 – $3.95 per item. Average (2-3 hour) Casual party $5.95 – $8.95 per guest. Formal/Elegant (3-4 hours) $6.95 – $10.95 per guest.

Meatball styles: Italian – Swedish – BBQ
Mini Burgers: Different fixings for your taste choices.
Salmon Mini Burgers: Dill cre’me sauce
Olive oil grill Shrimp & asiago cheese sauce
Jamaican Rumaki: Large Scallops wrapped in Jamaican spiced bacon.
Crab Cakes with leek remoulade sauce.
Tandori Chicken (great with yogurt dipping sauce).
Cajun Chicken (Hot) spiced with peppers & buffalo hot sauce.
Thai Peanut Chicken marinated in oriental peanut sauce.
Asian Spring Roll wrapper with ginger sauce.
Mediterranean Chicken tenders, side garden green beans feta cheese.
Chicken/Buffalo Wings: BBQ – Herb parmesan – Teriyaki – Hot pepper spiced – Picante dipping sauce.
Stuffed Mushrooms: Crab – Vegetable – Pillow stuffed tapas – stuffed Portobellas combinations.
Beef Riblets: BBQ – Smokey – Mesquite.
Mini Quiches: Lorraine – Bacon vegetable cheese – Vegetable cheese.
Chicken Bacon Wraps
Moroccan Chicken with red peppers.
Italian Sausage sizzlers.
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp: virgin olive oil, signature Ecstasy seasoning.
Roasted vegetables: green beans – carrota – cucumber – peppers – yellow squash – zucchini.
Spinach & goat cheese pizza mini cut.
French Pork grilled medallions.
Beef Wellingtons mini pastry puff.
Pot Stickers oriental (pork sweet & sour dough wrap).
Spanakopita (spinach, feta cheese, phyllo wrap).
Chicken & Ham Cordon Bleu dunkables.
Shrimp monkey bags
Chipotle Steak mini bites.

Kebobs & Skewers:
Beef – chicken – shrimp – teriyaki – BBQ – Tuscany – Chipotle – marinated – grilled.
Szechuan tender beef marinated with Wang wing teriyaki.
Chicken sate’ – Beef sate’ – Louisiana bayou chicken

Hot menus can be priced per group count or number of items selected. Pricing range from $.95 – $4.95 per item. Average (2-3 hour) Casual party $8.95 – $13.95 per guest.
Formal/Elegant (3-4 hour) $12.95 -$25.95. All can include full package of service ware & de’cor.

Customize your own unique menu using this guide or contact our party consultant. Together we can personalize a menu for your event.

Contact our event coordinator at 320-259-5613, drop us an eMail ( chef@foodecstasy.com ) or use the form below to let us know what you need, your design.

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