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Fabulous, fresh, healthful, low fat high-flavor-fare
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Ecstasy sweet muffins, bagel, Danish, doughnuts. Sweetbread combination tray  $19.80 per dozen

Doughnuts, muffins only  $15.95 per dozen

Stuffed French Carmel Apple Bake
Serves 25-30   $45.95 per pan

Large Sweet Rolls (Carmel & Cinnamon)   $1.65 each

Fruit trays (seasonal market pricing)
small: $45.00 – medium: $59.50 – large: $79.85

Large cookies  $13.95 per dozen

Juice bottles   $1.40 each

Bottled mineral water   $1.40 each

Coke & Pepsi products  $1.40 each

Coffee   $15.50 per gallon

Ala carte individual hot ordering:
Breakfast sandwiches over stuffed egg – cheese – meat omelets wrapped tortilla.
Choices: Sausage / Healthy Turkey
Both include side spreads: Chipotle, sour cream, and salsa

Hot Entre’e Selections:
#1 Quiche (egg & cheese bake) style choices: Vegetable – Denver / Bacon – Vegetable

#2 Stuffed meat filled breakfast wraps with signature sauce.

#3 Scrambled eggs divan (cheese & vegetables) with herb spices, onions, peppers.
Side meat choice: bacon – ham – sausage

#4 Scrambled eggs, side meat choices or veggie pattie combination.

#5 Omelets (ham & cheese) veggie patties available. Herb seasoned or chessy American fries.

All hot entre’es can include fresh cut fruit, combination pastries tray (sweet breads, scones, muffins, bagels, filled Danish, doughnuts) and assorted spreads/condiments.

Hot Breakfast Pricing:
Varies with total event needs, count, location, and style. Pricing range of $5.95 – $9.75. Contact us with your selections for your complete pricing.

Contact our event coordinator at 320-259-5613, drop us an eMail ( ) or use the form below to let us know what you need, your design.

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